New Buildings Resources


Will post up a more detailed post as time comes, but here for now are the resources that are used, note some levels are upgraded!








Bookbinder – 20 pinewood planks, 80 stone



Simple Papermill – 60 pinewood planks, 90 stone, 30 tools


Advanced Papermill – 3,500 Exotic Wood Planks, 3,500 Granite, 5,000 Tools


Ornamentalsmith – 9,000 Hardwood Planks, 3,000 Marble, 3,500 Tools


Lettersmith – 1,000 Hardwood Planks, 1,000 Marble, 800 Tools


Finesmith – 160 Pinewood Planks, 120 Stones, 60 Tools



Intermediate Papermill – 2,000 Hardwood Planks, 2,000 Marble, 2,500 Tools

Ornamentalsmith shown on Dutch Facebook. Update: And now Euro

Update!: Now also on the European Facebook Page

Oh! A new building??? Who is this new NPC and what is his agenda?
Stay tuned for more details this week…

Original Post:

A new NPC… The past few weeks we posted two new buildings on Facebook, at the end of this week we will reveal more information. What do you think this NPC would tell you about the new buildings.



This will be part of the new chain that is being rolled out, this is the Level 1 Ornamentalsmith

Americans get Red Flying for Cinco de Mayo

Dear Settlers,

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we’re letting the Red Flying Settlers flow freely. Accept this tasty cocktail which provides a threefold increase to output for 24 hours. Get in the spirit of this holiday with the spirits in this cocktail! You can share this buff with your friends, or use it for yourself. The choice is yours!

Happy Settling,

The Settlers Online: Castle Empire Team


Only appears to be on Castle Empire

Maximum Population Limit

So doing some research to try and find out what the maximum possible population is in the game after coming across a list of available spaces that you can use on your island here.

Turns out the magic number is 62,690 Settlers!

With 620 Witch Towers, 8 Floating Residences and the 50 Settlers you get from the Mayor’s House