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  1. If you notice bugs or want to leave other feedback, please feel free to do so below.

    Recent changes can also be found below.
    Older changelogs can be found here

    While I hope the simulator is intuitive, it never hurts to write down the way things are supposed to work. Check out the tutorial

    If you have problems loading the simulator (for instance you keep looking at the text “Loading…”)
    It might be caused due to the privacy settings in you browser. The simulator needs to be able to place 3rd party cookies from

  2. BUGREPORT: When a general kills all enemy units loosing all attacking units and his/hers hp the battle is won anyway and this simulator (and all others) show that the battle is lost (try 1Bowman Nusala against 100 dogs). How come nobody noticed it?

  3. @Viridian, it has been a while since I actually seen the situation in game, but back then the camp would remain (without units) and the general would be defeated and had to recover, hence the battle is marked as lost. It might have changed, I’ll have to look into that.

    @Anonymous, The Initiative is shown seperately, the Mounted Bowman that can be found in Ali Baba adventure shows:
    Tooltip Mounted Bowman

  4. Re: Defeating camps with mutual kills. Yes it has changed. I found Nusala and 165 bowmen will defeat some camps but die in the process, yet leaves Nusala victorius afterwards. Done it on BLT (120 wolfs in S2 iirc), and gonna try a camp in SOLT (70WoP 30 Foxes) now for reals.

    Since no sim gives me odds of success it’s hard to say, but it will depend a lot on Nusala hitting for full dmg too.

  5. start thinking how to implement the general skills 🙂
    only some of them influence combat, maybe a checkbox with a drop-down menu for to choose how many books invested in that skill? as in going 1 to 3 per skill

  6. @snowblizz ty. Currently the sim tells you that a battle is won if your general survives, meaning you can use it again in the next battle. It seems that in this specific case you can defeat the camp but your general can’t be used in the next battle. I’ll see if I can make an exception for the case where all units in a battle die, show it as a won battle but mark it so it is clear that (there is a chance) your general is defeated.

    @Evil_J I’m already thinking :P, I’ll try and explain in which direction my thoughts are going…
    I think I will add a feature that allows you to add/remove a ‘skilled general’ to the list of available generals. While adding you choose the specific general and select the skills. The image used for that general will make it clear which general it is and will show that it has skills. The tooltip will show you which skills it has. The list of available generals will be used when adding a wave or filtering the results of waves… These ‘skilled generals’ can be saved on your browser just like the waves… settings. Maybe I’ll even add a way to download/upload your settings so you can more easily start using another browser.

  7. any ETA? 🙂
    ive a pretty good idea of how to skill my guys, but need some feedback to pick between unstoppable charge or battle frenzy

  8. I don’t have a definite ETA yet.

    I might publish a separate simulator soon ™ containing the general skills. That way it can be used while I’m still ironing out some interface issues.
    In that instance of the simulator I’ll also remove the skill “Bonus damage buildings” from Cannoneers, since that seems to have happened on tsotesting.
    The database will not be available for that instance of the simulator, meaning that you can’t search for waves nor will simulations be persisted

  9. I read somewhere in a guide that “splash damage skill allows to kill camp after mutual kills” (regarding MoD 1r attack against a trap) so that needs to be tested. This feature is also useful on two camps in VLT- 120 royal longbowmen (to make it 100% I do 1r any+1r any +165b Nus) and 150 royal bowmen+30 royal cav (there are some survivors sometimes) not great savings but much less trouble

  10. Can skill gen sim be totally another simulation, and not to take chance with this one?
    For newbe players easiest way to have one sim working for sure.

  11. Major General against swordmaster camp on the archipelago, with 270R shows average 16 kills, but he’s actually killing around 30 per wave.

  12. @Llewelyn, I see, thank you for reporting it.
    If I run it without using the database the results are correct. So this is probably an invalid entry. I’ve started a process that will recalculate all simulations in the database, but this will take a long time.
    After 10 hours it recalculated 50.362 of the total 1.076.379 persisted simulations (almost 5%) so it might take another 200 hours are so before all camps are done. (But since it is a low priority thread the actual time needed depends on how often the simulator is used)

  13. @Llewelyn, After recalculating the results were still 14-16 so I delved in deeper. Turns out I accidentally tested in the test simulator, which indeed doesn’t use the database, however it also had a bug (due to the implementation of generals skills) that allowed units without hitpoints to keep on attacking in the following rounds. The test simulator has been updated to remedy this situation

    let’s take the best case and worst case scenario (which are total unrealistic but define some boundaries)

    Best case: all Recruits hit and all SwordMasters miss
    Round 1: 1 Major,270 recruits <> 230 SwordMasters
    Major+Recruits do 120+(270*30)=8220 damage, so at most 8220/500= 16 SwordMasters die
    SwordMasters do 230*30=6900 damage, so at most 6900/40= 172 Recruits die
    Round 2: 1 Major,98 Recruits <> 214 SwordMasters
    Major+Recruits do 120+(98*30)=2940 damage, so at most 2940/500= 6 SwordMasters die
    SwordMasters do 214*30=6420 damage, so 6420/40= remaining recruits general die
    You lost the battle leaving 208 SwordMasters alive (killing 22)

    Worst case: all Recruits miss and all SwordMasters hit
    Round 1: 1 Major,270 recruits <> 230 SwordMasters
    Major+Recruits do 120+(270*15)=4170 damage, so at most 4170/500= 8 SwordMasters die
    SwordMasters do 230*50=11500 damage, so at most 11500/40= all Recruits and Generals die
    You lost the battle leaving 222 SwordMasters alive (killing 8)

    So theoretical you can kill 8 to 22 SwordMasters in this setup.
    Makes me wonder why you are seeing around 30 being killed in the game

  14. I have a camp coming up soon with 230 sword master, I will record the results properly for each wave and report 🙂

  15. Thanks to an anonymous tip 🙂

    BUGFIX: Updated camp positions on “Invasion of the Nords, The” (camp 11&12, EvilJ map for MMA&Major)

  16. When using the waves function and selecting two generals the simulator suggests using 2 of the new generals of the same type, with one as a sacrifice. For example using a vargus with 1 recruit and then a vargus as a second attack to finish off a camp. We are only allowed 1 of each of the new generals.
    Great simulator thanks for all your hard work. 🙂


  17. @Wizardofpos true, but the simulator doesn’t know you are not willing to wait 2 hours before attacking again.
    There are a few options which you can use.
    1) In the wave settings you can tick the general once, which sets it to “not allowed to die”
    2) In the wave settings you can fill in 1 next to the General image (or beneath in the minimized view), setting the maximum amount of generals to be used in a wave

  18. In “all units” mode, selecting any units and armyes, button Simulate is anctive

  19. Hi Santa,

    I noticed an issue where selecting the building doesn’t update the button states, however if you select units on either camp or waves after you select a building, it works normally. I’ve put it on my todo list.

  20. Fex hun the break down in rounds seems to be broken as trying to work out a traitors block guide with tav gens only only no round timings showing for me 🙁

  21. I see lulu, apparently I needed to upgrade the library I use to generate the charts. Thanks for the report

    BUGFIX: the breakdown in rounds chart couldn’t always be generated

  22. seems to be broken: Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server

  23. the simulator still broken?
    I get the same error message as the comment above

  24. I’ve no idea what went wrong, but seems to work again after a restart, enjoy!

  25. @lulu The simulator ran out of memory again. Still no idea what is causing this all of a sudden.

    Might be that the database requires maintenance, so doing so now

  26. Maintenance is still ongoing, and on top of that all simulations are recalculated due to changes below

    CHANGED: Besiegers now have bonus damage vs buildings
    CHANGED: Attack priority of some enemy troops changed

  27. @Anonymous unfortunately I couldn’t make enough time to get them implemented

  28. On average there are about 12 waves per camp setup (varying between 1 and 3000 waves)
    I estimate it will have recalculated all around May 20 8:00 PM GMT.

    Progress @May 19 7:15 AM GMT : 1450 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 19 10:45 AM GMT : 3000 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 19 7:38 PM GMT : 21428 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 20 7:49 AM GMT : 57843 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 20 11:12 AM GMT : 72512 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Finished @May 20 4:04 PM GMT

  29. Hello,

    Do you have an idea of the date you will implement the skills ? I have to work with another simulator ow, but i miss yours ^^
    Thanks for your excellent job

  30. Hi Happysissi, Always nice to know you like to use my simulator.

    The problem I have is that the javascript evolved quite a lot since I brought the simulator online. In hindsight I should have been more careful when adding features to the interface. Bottomline is I couldn’t garantuee implementing a skills interface that would work correctly. So I decided to redo the javascript behind the interface entirely and while working on that RL got busy.
    It is slowing down again, so I should be able to spend time to continue the rewrite and implement the skills, but can’t give you a date.

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