Combat simulator changelog

  • Apr 15, 2015 @ 12:07
    Strange things…
    After testing I came to the conclusion that watchtowers (normal,reinforced or stone) are actually not providing tower ac anymore. (I’m pretty sure they still did so in May 2014 when I started working on this simulator)

    BUGFIX: removed tower ac from watchtowers

  • Mar 29, 2015 @ 11:40
    based on Awwaduls comment that reading the numbers in the breakdown in rounds
    (while working on blocks that have many possible results in the amount of rounds ;))

    CHANGED: the breakdown in rounds image will now resize itself in height based on the amount of possibilities
    CHANGED: removed [TEST] markers from Bastille Island and Arctic Explosions. Found no changes between Test and Live

    @Awwadul: Both the battle durations and the number of rounds are shown in the breakdown. If (and only if) a camp is killed, the amount of rounds/time shown already includes the demolition time/rounds, so no need to add them in yourself (when reading the breakdown)

  • Mar 13, 2015 @ 21:02
    some maintenance work…
    BUGFIX: All watchtowers now provide tower AC again (for the appropriate units)
    BUGFIX: Unit tooltips didn’t show skills and/or costs
    CHANGED: Legendary Veteran is now called Master of Defense
    CHANGED: Martial of Martial Arts is now called Master of Martial Arts

  • Mar 1, 2015 @ 22:45
    These adventures are only available on the Test server and have been marked accordingly
    ADDED: new adventure: Arctic Explosion [TEST]
    ADDED: new adventure: Bastille Island [TEST]

  • Feb 24, 2015 @ 19:54
    By request of Iolanthe, Sandycove
    ADDED: experience gain when defeating a unit. Both in the unit tooltip and in attack summaries

  • Feb 15, 2015 @ 13:59
    Thank you Torquemarda. I’ve updated the units in that camp. I must have missed it, when the changes in the tailor adventure went live.
    BUGFIX: The bottom left leader camp on The Sons Of The Little Tailor now shows the correct units
    ADDED: The legendary general was added. We’ll see if the stats change when the the general shows up in the live versions

  • Feb 6, 2015 @ 21:20
    BUGFIX:Waves… feature broke when an attack would result in no losses on both sides

  • Jan 23, 2015 @ 23:24
    insert comment here, or at least something
    BUGFIX: visual representation of the waves… feature was fixed again
    CHANGED: improved visual representation of the waves… feature
    ADDED: Advanced users can now set a loss value on units so they have their preferred sorted on top

  • Jan 22, 2015 @ 22:05
    assumptions, assumptions, assumptions. (database upgrade took over 3 hours, instead of the estimated 30 minutes)
    BUGFIX: database contained data which could lead to duplicate simulations for the same camp/wave setups
    CHANGED: technical changes to the waves… feature (there are some display issues I just discovered, which I will sort out tonight)

  • Jan 21, 2015 @ 21:22
    additional adventures supported
    BUGFIX: Corrected position of trap on Sons of the Little Tailor
    ADDED: The Shaman
    ADDED: Old Ruins
    ADDED: Garrun the Trapper

  • Jan 16, 2015 @ 22:27
    performance is key
    CHANGED: Performance of “Waves…” has been boosted, this also had a small impact on simulating attacks
    CHANGED: Switching adventures/selecting another camp will now remove former simulation results
    BUGFIX: Switching adventures/selecting another camp didn’t refresh the camp unit filters
    BUGFIX: Not selecting a building will now give a message instead of pretending to simulate something (and failing)

  • Jan 8, 2015 @ 21:58
    just a little update
    BUGFIX: Removing waves sometimes resulted in ‘invalid camp setup’ while trying to simulate an attack
    BUGFIX: The troop limit wasn’t correctly checked after changing general
    ADDED: Waves are now shown in pages of 10 result, and can be sorted by either loss value or duration

  • Dec 30, 2014 @ 19:40
    whoops, wish I noticed the error earlier, but the latest update broke the simulator (requests would never reach the server)
    BUGFIX: Defined params, so simulation requests can be sent to the server again
    Thank you Iolanthe, Sandycove for reporting this
    BUGFIX: Fixed unit tooltips for enemy units and generals, skills were always missing (just visually, simulation results were still correct)

  • Dec 23, 2014 @ 21:24
    Don’t you just love regular expressions… I know I don’t!
    ADDED: Waves… now give you the option to filter out specific troops

  • Dec 17, 2014 @ 7:53
    well that took some time, say sorry
    BUGFIX: database was changed to a more stable one (time will tell)
    BUGFIX: when loading from Waves or History the camp and player in updates accordingly
    CHANGE: maps were added for mse, rtbn, old friends, lakeside, tombraiders
    CHANGE: order of adventure has been changed, “the…” has been renamed to “…, the”
    CHANGE: waves… now orders based on loss value (resources), as of yet this isn’t configurable
    CHANGE: a lot of changes to facilitate that the server only needs to do what the client can’t. initial loading time might have increased somewhat, but using the sim should be a bit faster (except maybe when it needs to load a map image since if it isn’t in cache, the sim still has to download the map)

  • Dec 5, 2014 @ 20:35
    There seems to be a problem that the sim seems to become unresponsive after a while
    BUGFIX: Query results are now closed (this might be the fix for ^^, but time will tell)
    CHANGE: Throw an exception when results… keeps on querying

  • Dec 4, 2014 @ 19:01
    You gotta love the difference between browsers
    BUGFIX: Firefox now puts the waves next to each other (when the width allows it)
    My thanks to topoftheworld, Sandycove for reporting this

  • Dec 3, 2014 @ 13:11
    corner cases, I always forget at least 1.
    BUGFIX: using Results… could end in an infinite loop, if this was done too often the sim became unusable.
    The sim now only continues searching if an attack killed at least 1 enemy unit.

  • Nov 28, 2014 @ 19:31
    Well that was a painful way to discover that my simulator still had a bug πŸ˜‰
    BUGFIX: Attack order still wasn’t always correct. (For example Roughnecks would be attacked before Wild Mary)
    BUGFIX: In minimum attackers lost the General would sometimes show 0 while all battles were lost
    ADDED: Breakdown in rounds is now a graph with an export

  • Nov 27, 2014 @ 19:48
    What did I do today:
    BUGFIX: When camp was defeated during the LASTSTRIKE phase and additional round was added
    ADDED: Map with camp locations for Wild Mary
    CHANGED: defined order of the one-liner troops

  • Nov 26, 2014 @ 20:31
    I noticed some strange results, after review I discovered:
    BUGFIX: multiple wave attack would calculate next wave with MAX instead of MIN units lost from camp
    BUGFIX: When simresults were fetched from database it would only retrieve 1 result instead of 2200
    I also made some changes in the stylesheet which might result in the up-arrows showing in a weird location, this can be fixed by using CTRL+F5 or clearing cache.

  • Nov 25, 2014 @ 23:57
    A big thanks for Illumion, Sandycove for noticing and figuring out what was going wrong (and informing me)
    BUGFIX: The order in which the enemy troops were attacked was not always correct (for example Jomsviking was attacked after Karl, while that should have been reversed).
    BUGFIX: Minimum attackers lost only showed 0 if no troops were lost on all simulations
    ADDED: You now have the option to clear out your local history (before you had this option and if you wanted it cleared, you had to close your browser and reopen it)

  • Nov 25, 2014 @ 19:56
    Some units on fairy tale adventures have changed last maintenance, the simulator has been updated, Enjoy!


Combat simulator changelog — 222 Comments

  1. I’m sorry, The combat simulator is currently down.
    It needs more disk space than currently available

    UPDATE 2015 June 4 11:33 CEST:The database is being moved to a bigger disk, afterwards it will need some maintenance before I can bring it up again.
    unfortunately there is no accurate way to tell how long this will take, but initial estimation shows that it will take at least several hours.

    UPDATE 2015 June 4 13:00 CEST: The simulator is now working again. The database is was moved and has finished the necessary maintenance

  2. It has been a while
    ADDED: at the end of the attack results you now have the option to run the sim 11000 times. Be aware that this might take some time.
    CHANGED: the sim is now able to run when the database is having issues (the waves feature will then be unavailable)
    CHANGED: some internal changes that allow me to reduce the size of the database enormously in the future.

  3. The server where the simulator is running is undergoing maintenance.

    UPDATE: Server is backup, enjoy!

  4. First things first, Great simulator.

    Bugs and stuff
    The Camp destruction calculation fails to take into account that only unit types are relevant and amount are without effect.

    On Sons of the Little Tailor map the camp setup for first leader in western section is wrong. (You put in 10 Bears too many)
    The camp on map have 20 Giant 40 Foxes and 70 Bears, – the camp on adventure actually have 20 Giants 40 Foxes and 60 Bears

  5. Hi Vopicus,

    I’ll change the unit setup on that camp on SOLT and recheck the values on the other camps on that adventure as soon as I’m home again. (that means in 10 hours or so)

    I’m afraid I do not understand your bug on the camp destruction calculation. Could you explain to me how you think it works?
    My own conclusion is based on the hit points of that specific camp and the remaining units after defeating all enemy units. The only unit type that has bonus (double) damage on buildings are the Cannoneers.
    Testing this assumption has never proved me wrong so far, and I haven’t been able to find a better explanation.

  6. .

    BUGFIX: bottom left leader on Sons of the Little Tailor now shows the correct troops (30 Giant, 40 Fox, 60 Bear)

  7. new adventures :), please NOTE that these values were taken from the version that was activated on tsotesting at Juli 30, 2015
    (It is possible that camps/units on these adventure will change in a next version.)

    ADDED: ~TEST~ Ali Baba the Young Wood Cutter (bottom of the adventure list)
    ADDED: ~TEST~ Ali Baba and the First Thief (bottom of the adventure list)
    ADDED: ~TEST~ Ali Baba and the Second Thief (bottom of the adventure list)
    ADDED: ~TEST~ Ali Baba and the Third Thief (bottom of the adventure list)

  8. When I started my 1st simulation without entering the rather difficult [unordened ] 2nd drop down menu – kind of camp – and manual did add 130 Boa + 30 Wo + the 1st wave + 2nd wave [ all with gen + correct units ] I did click simulate = nothing happened !!
    Then I did add the 2nd drop down menu selection 130Boa +30Wo = again clicked simulate = action !! Seems the program looks for an obligation to use the 2nd box ?? Maybe the reason could be found on my chrome broser ? I am not sure – further use will bring me a clear situation. Thanks to those involved who offer us this very fine instrument.

  9. Hi Gamla

    I can imagine that the 2nd drop down menu is a bit overwhelming. Instead of using the 2nd drop down manually, try the button behind it This will show an image that allows you to select a camp based on its location on the map.
    To start a simulation I need to know the type of camp you are attacking and the units that are defending it. You can use either the 2nd drop down (or rather the button) or the 3rd drop down which allows you to select the type of camp manually.

    It would have helped if the simulator would have told you why it couldn’t start a simulation.
    Thank you for the feedback

  10. some feedback helps to aid the new users
    NOTE: this change might require you refresh your browser using CTRL+F5

    BUGFIX: simulator will now tell you why it cannot start a simulation. I broke this on June 20, 2015
    ADDED: a short tutorial explaining the basics of using the simulator. Check out the tutorial

  11. Hey sorry for the slow feedback.

    Yes camp destruction in calculator works like this, Black Castle got 2000 hitpoints, so if someone have 100 crossbowmen they will do 4500 dammage minimum.

    However camp destructions doesn’t work that way. 100 crossbowmen will in the tear down phase do the same dammage as 1 crossbowman would, that is 45 or 90 depending on the roll.

    Example after fighting a Dark Castle my MMA is left with the following units [2R 1ES 160XB 1K] your simulator show it as a 1 round kill. because it would multiply the XB roll with 160.

    Where as the maximum dammage pr round I could do would be MMA + R + ES + XB + K (500+30+40+90+240*) *(cannons do double dammage in pull down phase), which means the actual minimum destruction rounds on Dark Castle would be 3 rounds.

  12. Big thanks to Vopicus, for pointing out the error in destruction rounds and providing an explanation on how it should work

    BUGFIX: destruction rounds will now only use 1 unit per unittype. See this post on

    All existing simulations will be recalculated and updated accordingly, it might take a day or more though
    All simulations haven been recalculated.

  13. If you are thinking Windows 10… then STOP. it is what your computer will do too. Anyway back on Windows 7 and updated the sim with the new epic adventures and player units

    CHANGED: gui was changed a bit to allow for the new epic player units
    CHANGED: a few trivial usability changes
    ADDED: new epic player units (only available for new epic adventures)

    CHANGED: these adventures are only available on tsotesting and are prefixed by ~TEST~

    • Ali Baba the Young Wood Cutter
    • Ali Baba And the First Thief
    • Ali Baba And the Second Thief
    • Ali Baba And the Third Thief

    ADDED:these adventures are only available on tsotesting and are prefixed by ~TEST~

    • Ali Baba And the Treasure of Knowledge
    • Ali Baba And the Treasure of Wisdom
    • Aladdin And the Oil Lamp
    • Aladdin And the Beautiful Princess
    • Sinbad And the Besieged City
    • Sinbad And the Sea Snake
  14. If you demo your work you always find at least 1 bug πŸ™ πŸ˜‰

    BUGFIX: loading existing waves with the new units would give an invalid input message (using waves or history)
    BUGFIX: simulation results will now be shown just below the simulation button again

  15. I did some long overdue maintenance on the gui part of the code, this should not be visible when using the simulator

    BUGFIX: The value of a loss in the “Waves…” overview is now calculated correctly again
    CHANGED: Switching between old and new adventures will now keep the waves (if possible)
    CHANGED: “Rebalanced” all 10 ~TEST~ adventures to the version that was placed on tsotesting @August 25
    CHANGED: 7 camps on ‘Aladdin And the Beautiful Princess’ have been moved to their new locations
    CHANGED: 2 camps on ‘Sinbad And the Sea Snake’ have been moved to their new locations
    ADDED: Info label + disabled buttons if the action on the button can’t be executed
    ADDED: As soon as you select a new adventure the select camp on map window will pop up

  16. some bugfixes…
    BUGFIX: sorting on winchance/losses wasn’t working
    BUGFIX: some simulations could crash or result in infinite loading while trying display the result

  17. Oh no! It seems that in the latest version of the simulator, simulations containing fewer than a certain number of troops (or perhaps HP/AD) are not being completed. It makes blocking simulation rather impossible. Looking up, I see that you’re probably already aware of this.

    Slightly related topic – I preferred the wording/word order in the previous version of the “example situation”. It doesn’t matter – just a preference feedback.

    Completely unrelated: “the siege” map doesn’t have the far SW siege command camp marked on/clickable, though the camp is listed.

    Lastly, I love the sim!

  18. correction to the above: it’s not below a certain number, but a bracket with upper and lower numbers of troops.

  19. seems like my “bugfix” added bugs instead of fixing them. Unsure what the problem is at the moment, but will solve it asap

    sorry for any inconvenience caused

  20. fixing my mistakes…

    BUGFIX: additional waves will now use the minimum camp losses from the previous wave again

    I’m investigating the reports by longmenton, to be continued

  21. found it! πŸ™‚ using indices is faster, but prone to errors if you mix them up

    BUGFIX: generating the simulation example could lead to infinite loading
    BUGFIX: missing camp on Siege was added again
    CHANGED: (technical) added support for gzip to reduce bandwidth usage

    Thank you for reporting this longmenton. Also what exactly did you like better in the old wording of the example? (See spoiler to refresh your memory)

    - Round 1
    -- Phase FIRSTSTRIKE: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 57 Recruit, 48 Cannoneer, 114 Cavalry} vs {50 Elite Soldier Deserter, 1 Sir Robin, 50 Crossbowman Deserter, 50 Cavalry Deserter}
    --- 50 Enemy Cavalry Deserter died {Cavalry: 450 dmg}
    --- 50 Enemy Crossbowman Deserter died {Cavalry: 540 dmg}
    --- 4 Enemy Elite Soldier Deserter died {Cavalry: 20 dmg, Master of Martial Arts: 500 dmg}
    --- 114 Ally Cavalry died {Cavalry Deserter: 380 dmg, Sir Robin: 320 dmg}
    --- 7 Ally Recruit died {Sir Robin: 280 dmg}
    -- Phase NORMAL: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 50 Recruit, 48 Cannoneer} vs {46 Elite Soldier Deserter, 1 Sir Robin}
    --- 11 Enemy Elite Soldier Deserter died {Recruit: 1320 dmg, Elite soldier: 40 dmg}
    --- 36 Ally Recruit died {Elite Soldier Deserter: 1580 dmg}
    -- Phase LASTSTRIKE: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 14 Recruit, 48 Cannoneer} vs {35 Elite Soldier Deserter, 1 Sir Robin}
    --- 35 Enemy Elite Soldier Deserter died {Cannoneer: 4440 dmg}
    --- Enemy Sir Robin was hit {Cannoneer: 1020 dmg}
    - Round 2
    -- Phase FIRSTSTRIKE: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 14 Recruit, 48 Cannoneer} vs {1 Sir Robin}
    --- Enemy Sir Robin was hit {Master of Martial Arts: 500 dmg}
    --- 14 Ally Recruit died {Sir Robin: 540 dmg}
    --- 1 Ally Cannoneer died {Sir Robin: 60 dmg}
    -- Phase NORMAL: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 47 Cannoneer} vs {1 Sir Robin}
    --- Enemy Sir Robin was hit {Elite soldier: 20 dmg}
    -- Phase LASTSTRIKE: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 47 Cannoneer} vs {1 Sir Robin}
    --- Enemy Sir Robin was hit {Cannoneer: 5520 dmg}
    - Round 3
    -- Phase FIRSTSTRIKE: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 47 Cannoneer} vs {1 Sir Robin}
    --- Enemy Sir Robin was hit {Master of Martial Arts: 500 dmg}
    --- 10 Ally Cannoneer died {Sir Robin: 600 dmg}
    -- Phase NORMAL: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 37 Cannoneer} vs {1 Sir Robin}
    --- Enemy Sir Robin was hit {Elite soldier: 40 dmg}
    -- Phase LASTSTRIKE: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 37 Cannoneer} vs {1 Sir Robin}
    --- Enemy Sir Robin was hit {Cannoneer: 4380 dmg}
    - Round 4
    -- Phase FIRSTSTRIKE: {1 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Elite soldier, 37 Cannoneer} vs {1 Sir Robin}
    --- 1 Enemy Sir Robin died {Master of Martial Arts: 20 dmg}
    --- 10 Ally Cannoneer died {Sir Robin: 600 dmg}
    - Camp destroyed in 3 round(s)
  22. I liked the fact that the most important (in my view) information came first, i.e. which units were defeated/hit, and then the secondary information of which units caused the damage came afterwards. Even though this is a rather passive way to put it, it seemed to make sense and I found it immediately comprehensible. Again – just my personal view.

    Thanks for fixing the Siege map. As for bugs and the infinite loading, I’m sorry to say it seems to be ongoing – it’s saying “simulating” as I type and has been for a while (this simulation is of a normal attack on an easy bandit camp on “outlaws” (50sca, 50gud, 50stt) using tavern gen, 66r, 34m, 100s, in case the information is relevant (though I doubt it). Thanks again.

  23. hmm, indeed that simulation still has a problem πŸ™
    ty for providing a concrete example, makes it much easier for me to find and fix it (which I will do asap)

    as for the simulation example, would it help if I switched the sentence around:


    --- 13 enemy Elite Soldier Deserter were killed by Ally Recruit (1635 damage)
    --- 1 enemy Elite Soldier Deserter was hit by Ally Militia (40 damage)
    --- 1 enemy Elite Soldier Deserter was killed by Ally Soldier (40 damage)

    in the old version that would be

    --- 14 enemy Elite Soldier Deserter were killed {Ally Recruit: 1653 dmg, Ally Militia: 40 dmg, Ally Soldier: 40 dmg}

  24. ok getting the version to server from work took much longer than identifying and fixing the actual bug, and will have to redo the fix when I get home. However I hope this fix will iron out the worst of the glitches

    BUGFIX: Simulations with a setup not yet contained in the database would seem to load infinitely

  25. Thanks for looking into all that. I think both of those example versions included in the latest spoiler have their merits but the new one probably has the edge, having the advantage of telling you (plainly) whether the damage done by a particular unit contributes significantly to the killing. I look forward to filling the simulator with numerous unusual setups again!

  26. After checking the changes at home, I found another issue

    BUGFIX: loading a simulation from waves… would still simulate each wave separately
    CHANGED: examples will now state the defenders first again. The amount of attackers dealing the damage is shown now as well (unfortunately the number was bogus when the attacker has splash damage. to prevent confusion I removed it from the example again)

  27. Sorry for updating while someone was simulating. you will have to refresh and choose the homezone since ~TEST~ doesn’t exist anymore

    CHANGED: the ~TEST~ homezone is now homezone and has been changed to reflect the current state on the live servers

    NOTE: in some cases the browser will still show the old homezone, in that case you will need to clear your image cache and refresh the browser. However most browsers should detect the change and load the new image

  28. The simulator was having some trouble adjusting

    CHANGED: increased the amount of memory available to the simulator since we are currently having over twice the number of simultaneous users (compared to previous peak usage)

  29. I’m trying to see how many 1R waves it takes to bring down one of the archipelago camps (100Swc, 100 Hor) to a point where it can be killed, but there seems to be a display limit. I can feed in 10 waves (I’m not in a rush) but only the results for waves 1-8 are displayed. Also, trying to add wave 11 after the wraparound, the popup for selecting the gen type is outside the display window.

    It’s looking really good so far, though!

  30. hmm I never tried to simulate more than 6 waves at a time.
    I’ll look into it when I have some spare time. Thank you for reporting it πŸ™‚

  31. hmmm, while I fixed the issue with displaying results of more than 8 waves (faulty scrollbar), I decided to max the amount of waves to 10 because of height and width restrictions caused by integrating the simulator into this website. (The 11th wave would wrap to the next “line”) 9 since the simulator doesn’t recognize wave 10 and higher. (I will see if I can fix the parsing at a later time)

    BUGFIX: Simulation results would not show all waves when simulating more than 6 waves (scrollbar wouldn’t allow you to scroll down further)
    BUGFIX: The general selection popup will now shift right if it would otherwise drop outside the display window
    BUGFIX: The general selection popup now shows the general button correct

    If you still have this issues, you need to reload the sim using CTRL+F5

    Thanks go to Wulf Meister for the report πŸ™‚

  32. memory problems

    CHANGED: the sim request was drastically changed (you should not notice this)
    BUGFIX: the sim would run out of memory when try to get the waves for certain camps. (for example at the moment one camp returns 182210 waves, this camp would effectively crash the simulator by trying to use more memory than available. Due to the fix it only uses 78MB and 15 seconds)

    If you were running simulations during the update you will need to reload the page using ctrl+f5

    The waves… feature is trying to do something smart in combining attacks, but I will need to think about a way reduce the amount of wave options it finds now.

  33. some camps just had too many results to show via waves…

    CHANGED: The minimum and maximum amount of waves shown as result can now be configured. default it will show all results with at least 1 wave and at most 3 waves

    NOTE: if you experience problems please reload your browser using CTRL+F5

  34. thank you for reporting it villu, yes I’m afraid I broke it in a previous update.

    BUGFIX: fixed x11000 simulations

    NOTE: simulations loaded from local history will still be broken (you will need to clear history and run the simulation again)
    NOTE2: if you still experience problems with this, you need to reload the page using CTRL+F5

  35. Nice sim.. GJ!
    Though I’ve found a wrong setting – General Stronghelmet is listed as carrying up to 220 units (should be 200).

  36. ohw, now how did that happen… nice catch and ty for the report SmurfAsH, also I should have named him General Bighelmet (as all names used are from the .com instances)

    BUGFIX: General StrongHelmet (StH) is now called General Bighelmet (Big) and can only carry 200 troops, old simulations on stronghelmet have been deleted (all 25 of them)
    CHANGED: Local history was improved (in my opinion ;)) however due to some internal changes currently existing entries will not load anymore.

    NOTE: for those that were using the simulator during the update, you will need to reload the page for the changes to show

  37. when i do the simulation it says wave 1 summary rounds 5-10..but in the wave 1 breakdown it shows round 7 to 12 graphs…is there any way to see graphs for all the rounds that it states in wave summary 1 ?….

  38. The breakdown shown is always the breakdown of that particular wave.
    It shows the total number of rounds per sim. In case a battle is won it includes the destruction rounds. I would guess that in your case the battle is always won if the nr of rounds needed to defeat the enemy units is lower than 7.

    Short example (with normal general):

    Simulation 1: enemy units are defeated in 5 rounds (battle is won) and it takes 2 rounds to destruct the camp
    Simulation 2: player units are defeated in 7 rounds (battle is lost, so no destruct rounds)
    Simulation 3: player units are defeated in 10 rounds (battle is lost, so no destruct rounds)
    Simulation 4: enemy units are defeated in 7 rounds (battle is won) and it takes 1 rounds to destruct the camp
    Simulation 5: enemy units are defeated in 7 rounds (battle is won) and it takes 2 rounds to destruct the camp

    In the breakdown
    Simulation 1 & 2 will both be shown as 7 rounds (140 seconds)
    Simulation 4 will be shown as 8 rounds (160 seconds)
    Simulation 5 will be shown as 9 rounds (180 seconds)
    Simulation 3 will be shown as 10 rounds (200 seconds)

  39. The informational popups don’t seem to clear, which is making it very hard to see the results..

  40. @Wulf Meister, hmm that is strange. might I ask which browser you use, so I’m able to reproduce the problem and solve it?

  41. A new general!

    ADDED: Lord Dracul is now available
    ADDED: direct link to combat results
    CHANGED: some technical changes that I have no idea how to put into words πŸ˜‰

    NOTE: for those that were using the simulator during the update, you will need to reload the page for the changes to show

  42. I forgot some wiring

    BUGFIX: using the direct link now actually links to the results of that setup
    BUGFIX: Waves… was behaving badly.

  43. After applying a quick fix for x11000 simulations I discovered a flaw in my code versioning.
    While no code has been lost (the specific file that is missing, just isn’t available on my current location), I’m not able to create that file from scratch.
    This effectively means that I couldn’t query simulations from the database, and that new simulations would be persisted incorrectly.
    I disabled the database connection, to prevent further rubbish to be persisted to the database.
    You should still be able to simulate your setup, but the waves… feature won’t be available

    Very sorry for any inconvenience caused πŸ™

    BUGFIX: x11000 now works again
    BUGFIX: database issue (as described above)

  44. Hopefully this fixes the problem described by Wulf Meister, but since I couldn’t really reproduce his problem I can’t be sure.

    BUGFIX: “Sticky” tooltips should now dissappear more frequently.

  45. ali baba adventures are live (and were changed with last update)

    CHANGED: updated unit values for ali baba adventures (resimmed all existing simulations for those camps)

  46. I use Chrome – but the popup/overlay problem seems to have gone away in the time it took me to respond πŸ™‚

  47. Please replace in last camp of Ali Baba Young Wood Cutter – Captain (Cap) with Bandid Lord (BaL)…

  48. hmm how did I miss that :(. Thank you for your report D-arrow

    BUGFIX: updated Ali Baba The young woodcutter with current camp setups

    People that were using the simulator, need to reload the page using F5 to see the changes

  49. ty for your report Gopar.

    BUGFIX: I updated almost all the ali baba adventures, unfortunately some maps were changed/camps moved since I created the camp selection map. I’ve marked those adventures as ~INCOMPLETE~ and will do my best to update the maps and add the missing camps as soon as possible
    BUGFIX: waves… would load indefinitely when a battle resulted in a tie

  50. Due to the amount of simulation already in the database, the waves… feature is beginning to show some issues in memory use and overall performance. Part of these issues are now “fixed”, but I’ll probably need to do some changes in the basics of the waves… later on

    BUGFIX: waves… is now uses (a bit) less memory when gathering the waves for a camp
    CHANGED: waves… filters now show a button which you have to use to reload the waves

  51. Hello, you should add barracks time to the filters, for me its far more important than loss values

  52. Thank you for your work, i constantly use this tool as a reference as i increase levels and change battle plans.

    Please continue with the excellent work on the waves as we all benefit from the saved data.

  53. Maybe not exactly what you meant Evil_J – however this was a quick win that comes close (I hope)

    ADDED: loss values dialog now has an option that allows you to easily use barracks production time as “loss values”, effectively sorting the losses on production time. The “loss value” shown will be the production time in seconds.

    PS. you might need to reload the page using CTRL+F5 for these changes to become visible/usable

  54. thanks, that should do the trick
    overall, neat work with the sim, been using it for my guides since i discovered it, thanks

  55. Hi – Thanks for a useful tool. One thing I noticed that may be useful is perhaps a time field in seconds; though most experienced TSO players know that fast generals fight 2x faster, the new-ish MoD general, though a blocker type, is fast and comparing rounds between tavern generals and MoD are a factor of 2. Not a deal breaker, but would be nice to have a time-in-seconds field to make quick comparisons that are relative. Thanks.

  56. Best combat sim ever. I’ve used quite few, none as easy and accurate as this one. Good job!

  57. Okay, had a guildie show me that the time in seconds is indicated in the ‘Breakdown in rounds’ section, which would work, however; in the runs I tested, ‘Summary’ indicated “Rounds: 14-58 (Ξ¦ 24.54)” yet when reviewing the ‘Breakdown in rounds’ results are displayed showing rounds between 17 and 64!

  58. First a big thank you to LothianZA, henk, Evil_J and Mouldy for their positive feedback. very much appreciated πŸ˜€

    @Raubhautz: The summary shows rounds and destruction rounds as 2 separate lines. The breakdown takes the result of each sim and combines the “fight” rounds and “destruction” rounds. Thus giving an accurate estimate of the minimum amount of time the entire wave would take

  59. Finally got around to gathering all the info on the 1001 night adventures.

    ADDED: missing information on the 1001 night adventures.

    CTRL+F5 should help in case you’re have trouble with the simulator

  60. Hey, not sure if you know but the sim has been down very often, right now it says “unable to resolve the servers dns address”, other times just gets stuck in “loading…”

  61. hmm the “keeps loading” might be when trying to load the waves of certain camps, That is something that is “work in progress” however RL keeps me from getting it done

    Hadn’t heard about any dns troubles – I’ll see if I can find out something about that.
    Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

  62. finally… I was able to complete the work on Waves…

    CHANGED: Revised the way Waves… were gathered and how server and client interacted. Pretty much a complete overhaul of the technical part. The ‘Reload waves’ button will now appear as soon as you change your “waves request” by changing unit / general filters, loss values, min/max waves and sortOrder.

    Main problem was that for some camps it would try to send almost 3 million waves, while I could bring down the “download size” from 1.4 GB to 10 MB most of the information would be useless anyway since the results would be capped at 300 client side. By handling sortOrder on the server I can limit the results send between server and client, effectively bringing the “download size” down to about 75 KB

    If waves… isn’t working for you, please try CTRL+F5

    @EvilJ, unfortunately nothing is known about dns trouble according to the hosting service, hopefully the above change will solve your issues

  63. performance improvements.

    CHANGED: some work could be done once instead of again everytime the results were needed. Effectively this brought down the simulation times to about 1/4 of what it was.

  64. Regarding the dns issues. I received another report of dns issues today. I haven’t got a clue why, but according to whatsmydns,et, the ip address of the simulator can’t be resolved from several locations, but is resolved fine from many other locations.

    Unfortunately this is not something I can fix myself :(. Hopefully the problem will disappear just as suddenly as it appeared. If you know how, using a proxy located in a different geographical location might circumvent the problem.

    For the moment I put up another page that can access the simulator without using dns, however it does need access to port 8082. see

  65. I finally found someone with enough knowledge and time to fix this. ( Thank you peck_ed πŸ™‚ )
    The dns issues should be over within 24 hours from now.
    If you are still having issues after this time, please let me know.

  66. .
    BUGFIX: 2 camps on Victor the Vicious were switched around by mistake and have been corrected. Trap locations are now more accurate

    Thank you for your report lulu10093 (Sandycove)

  67. Ali baba and the treasure of wisdom:
    camp 250StC near the end is inaccurate: 80 80 90

  68. thank you for your report Costin

    BUGFIX: 4 camps on Ali baba and the treasure of wisdom were switched around by mistake and have been corrected

  69. @lulu and anonymous
    BUGFIX: all units option is working again
    BUGFIX: waves using the elite units on old adventures are now removed

  70. @EvilJ
    ADDED:Party crasher units and new Epic bosses are now available in < >
    Unfortunately I am not yet able to take the time to add the new ventures at this moment, but hopefully soon(tm)

  71. new adventures added:
    ADDED: Dragon’s Roost, The
    ADDED: El Chupacabra
    ADDED: Lost City, The
    ADDED: One Step Ahead
    ADDED: Raid of the Nords
    ADDED: Valuable Intel
    ADDED: Fisherman And His Wife, The (The Evil Queen 1)
    ADDED: Hansel and Gretel (The Evil Queen 2)
    ADDED: Pied Piper of Hamelin (The Evil Queen 3)

    Followingin ventures of “The Evil Queen” campaign will have to wait till I get the adventures

  72. You adventure guides are working nicely Evil_J. The only mistakes so far are my own πŸ˜‰
    ADDED: Red Riding Hood (The Evil Queen 4)
    ADDED: Snow White (The Evil Queen 5)

  73. Ah yes, that would be the result of the very large hammer I used to get the new units added to the all units feature before adding the adventures. I guess I need to clean up some stuff πŸ˜‰
    Ty for noticing

    – el chupacabra and ancient dragon are on the none category:
    Both units have no recognizable feature to categorized them, but I will move them to Epic
    Same goes for Deer which I will move to Wildlife
    I moved all player units to Player
    That still left me with Grey Wolf, but since Wildlife suggests epic level I left it in None
    – ancient dragon has the wrong thumbnail
    Whoops, BIG BIG hammer…, should be fixed now
    – preacher of flames is under cult
    This unit is actually a cult boss
    – big bad wolf isnt a unit? we kill that one with a buff
    This “Big Bad Wolf” is not the unit in the camp you kill with a buff. It is not used in an adventure, but I’ll leave it just in case it will be in the near future

    Due to some internal changes you might need to force a full reload on the page using CTRL+F5

  74. @danedition I revised the sort order so it should better match the order we want to see (aka I found some problems in the old sort algorithm)
    Win chance / loss value now orders on:
    – win chance (descending, meaning high win chance first),
    – loss value (ascending, meaning lowest loss value first),
    – maximum duration (ascending, meaning shortest maximum duration first)

    Duration / loss value now orders on:
    – minimum duration (descending, meaning longest minimum duration first),
    – loss value (ascending, meaning highest loss value first),
    – win chance (descending, meaning highest win chance first)

    Duration is now defined as the number of rounds, incl destruction rounds if battle was won. It also takes the speed of the general into account. At the moment the result is not yet available as a column within the waves feature, but it matches the breakdown in rounds when opening a wave in detail.

    The column isn’t added (yet) due to a limited amount of width (and development time).
    The rounds and destruction rounds columns are probably less interesting and will be dropped if a duration column is added.
    This column would show the min/avg/max amount of seconds a wave will take.

  75. @Evil_J ty for the report
    BUGFIX map and camplocations of “Sindbad and the Besieged City” have been updated

  76. @danedition & evil_j thank you for your input

    CHANGED: The various settings of waves… have a new layout
    CHANGED: The sort orders have been renamed to:
    – Best attacker – lowest losses
    – Best blocker – longest minimum duration
    ADDED: An additional sort order:
    – Best attacker – shortest maximum duration

    Please let me know if you find issues πŸ™‚

    Due to these changes you might need to force a full reload on the page using CTRL+F5

  77. @danedition Whoops, what was I doing when defining that sort order. I forgot to sort on winchance first.

    BUGFIX: Best attacker – shortest maximum duration now sorts on win chance first

  78. @Evil_J I didn’t think people would need a button to go “back” to the simulator. Hopefully this change will make you happy πŸ™‚
    ADDED: Minimize/maximize settings button to waves… settings, this will allow you to choose between showing most of the settings in 2 lines and still seeing the player input or all settings as a block without the player input

    You might need to force a full reload on the page using CTRL+F5 before this option shows up

  79. @Evil_J Once again my thanks for your report
    BUGFIX: Updated adventure “Aladdin and the Oil Lamp”

    You might need to force a full reload on the page using CTRL+F5 before the map shows correctly

  80. @Evil_J a simple implementation of combat buffs is now available for Lost City, The. Hopefully this is enough for now πŸ˜‰

    BUGFIX: Wave settings will now be hidden whenever you start a simulation
    ADDED: The adventure “Lost city, The” now allows you to simulate with active buffs.
    For now these simulations will not be persisted to the database. That also means they will not be shown in the waves…
    They will appear in your local history.

    NOTE: The simulator will apply the buff “favour of metal” to besieger and cannoneer (like the gamedescription indicates.) However I’m not sure if the game actually applies it to those.

  81. technical maintenance
    CHANGED: upgraded some of the javascript libraries, should only be noticed as one of them handles part of the look and feel, and they changed their base theme.
    CHANGED: I added some cache directives that should allow the browser to cache the images. That way the simulator should be more responsive after the first visit, and use less network
    ADDED: tooltips to the group with general filters and unit filters, that informs the user about what they are meant to do

  82. lol, I can imagine. The new font is somewhat bigger and caused the help line to be longer than the minimum width.

    BUGFIX: Rephrased some of the help lines, making them shorter and thus avoiding the player input to end up under the camps input.
    ADDED: You can now persist your favorite waves settings. Look for the infinity symbol

  83. @Evil_J thanks again for your report πŸ™‚

    BUGFIX: simulator now marks the location of the camps that spawn later in Valuable Intel and One Step Ahead.
    BUGFIX: Missing unit “Treasure” was added
    BUGFIX: Missing camp type “Treasure Frigate” was added

  84. ty, just finished my guide for it, finally made guides for all ventures πŸ™‚

    heres more annoyance from me:
    – add the 3 new champion gens from test server, gotta investigate properly which one is best πŸ™‚
    – after some time using the sim, i dont really like the minimize/maximize settings, all the max settings does is bring up the troops cost and barracks level selector, and hides the gens waves. i think all in 1 page would look better. put the barracks level always visible under the gens selector, and maybe a button that opens a pop-up for the troops cost, as this isnt that important

  85. @Evil_J hmm, I prefer the maximized over the minimized. Hopefully the following changes allow you to use the sim with less annoyances. I’m afraid that you will need to wait for the announced generals somewhat longer.

    CHANGED: minimized state is now persisted with the infinity button (together with all the filters, loss values etc)
    ADDED: minimized settings now allow to choose a
    preset for loss values
    ADDED: unit filter images in minimized settings now show a tooltip showing their current loss value

  86. @Evil_J nothing up with the gens, but lack of time to get it done yesterday.

    ADDED: Generals Anslem, Nusala and Vargus.
    For now waves using these generals will not be persisted (except in your local history)

  87. @Talis_Cat You are absolutely right. I guess I missed that πŸ™
    Ty for noticing and reporting the omission.

    BUGFIX: General Anselm now has the splash damage ability.

  88. I miss a camp on map for ‘Ali Baba And The Treasure of Wisdom’ – on coast – bottom – about center – has No. 5 on Wiki map – has 60 Mounted bowman, 60 Sword Wielder and 60 Stone Cannon in it.

  89. @JΓΈrn Schmidt ah yes, how did I miss that one… Thank you for your report

    BUGFIX: added missing camp to Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom

  90. I am clearing homezone islands and I keep running into a what I think is a bug here. If I run ‘waves’ against the island camps everything works fine unless I subtract troops from the camp for calculations. For instance, I would hit a camp a few times with my MMA 1R and then want to recalculate the waves. This produces either nonsense or no simulations at all. Example: the 110 horseman 100 sword wielder fearsome bandits camp on the top of the second conquerable island (right below the S2 copper mines) produces no simulations if I adjust the number of horsemen to let’s say 109 or 38…

  91. @danedition, not sure what you mean.
    The waves show all simulations done by other users and are searched based on the enemy camp and units. (and filtered on you preferences)
    I did notice that the reload waves doesn’t appear as soon as you change the units in the enemy camp, so that is an issue, and might explain the results, you call ‘nonsense’ (or maybe you are only seeing simulations that don’t lead to victory, meaning that noone ever tried hard enough to simulate a win on that specific situation)

  92. @Fexno I didn’t realize that the waves function only shows simulations previously calculated by users. That would explain why there weren’t very good results when I alter the number of units in the camps (because very few ppl have simulated that specific scenario).

    I had assumed that the waves function ran the simulations each time to populate the list. However, now that I think about it, that would be an impossible number of simulations.

  93. You reached the view limit for this month.
    Please get the advanced iframe pro version.
    Go to the administration for details.

    IS that new ??? as never had that come up before so i cant use sim fex πŸ™

  94. @lulu that is not a new “feature” and totally unexpected behaviour. Apparently I was using a plugin with a monthly view limitation to integrate the simulator into the wiki.

    The good news is that this means more and more players are starting to use the simulator
    Even better news is:
    BUGFIX: The plugin that caused the page to show a “monthly limit is reached” message was removed.

  95. πŸ™‚ yeah about more people using sim and even better that you fixed it so it wont show up again πŸ˜€ thank you hun x

  96. BUGFIX: updated camps on the adventure β€œMore Secluded Experiments”

    ty fex πŸ™‚ x

  97. Thanks to lulu who reminded and provided me with the adventures

    ADDED: Save the Christmas Feast
    ADDED: The Stolen Sleigh

  98. Hey
    its probably a good time to add the COA gen attacks to hall of fame, seems their stats are final
    also another suggestion, would be nice to have a filter in the hall of fame to select how many gens of each type we want use in multiple wave attacks, eg: 3 wave attack, i want to use only 1 mma sac and 1 major, 3rd gen can be anything
    sometimes i get lost looking on stored sims with some attacks using 2 majors, or 2 mmas when i just want 1

  99. @Evil_J yes I was thinking the same thing today about the COA generals
    CHANGED: The waves with COA generals will now be persisted

    @Evil_J, yes I have the feature to specify how many generals you have on my todo list for a while, but never knew how to add it to the interface. With the “maximized” setting I might just add a number behind every general that will allow you to specify the maximum of generals you want to use in the combination. I need to spin this idea around for a while… I’ll get it working but might not have time during the next 2 weeks.

  100. @Evil_J ok maybe I did have enough time
    ADDED: You can now specify how many generals you have/want to use when searching for a wave combination.
    CHANGED: You can now change the value of a loss while using the “minimized settings”

  101. hey
    i dont know what are those loss values you put in there by default, doesnt seem to make sense. also barracks time values are what they are, no point on being able to change those, makes sense to be able to change cost values because that varies from server to server

  102. @Evil_J not sure what you mean. I didn’t change anything to the cost values, except that they can now be configured in the “minimized settings” mode. The cost values have 7 presets, 1 for every barracks level (so you can see the actual time it will take for your barracks level) and one “Basic” that was implemented at the very first. I kept basic because of legacy reasons.
    A preset can’t be changed, but you can use a preset a base for your own preferences. As soon as you change a value the preset combobox should show “custom”. The idea behind this is that you can work from barracks time, but increase the values for let’s say cannoneers, because you have trouble getting the resources to build them.

    Note: don’t forget that you can save your own preferences with the ∞ button. These settings will be used the next time you reload the simulator.

  103. lol i found the problem, the numbers are seconds but only show 2 characters, while it should show 3 πŸ™‚
    lets say S and MS each take 200 and 300 secs to train, the box only show 20 and 30, thats what i meant πŸ™‚

  104. doh, I must be going blind missing that.

    BUGFIX: In minimized settings, the full loss values numbers are now shown.

  105. Tok – c1b: 120 sword wielder, 120 horsemen
    Anslem 60MS, 90AM (56MS) – verified that Anslem wins
    This sim says it doesn`t

  106. First off I am in awe of your amazing and generous work here.

    Second put a google ad block in next to your sim I’m sure it would show some useful ads that people would click, earning you some useful revenue for pro versions of plugins etc if and when required.

    Third would it be difficult to make a facility where you could pick your map and camp and then just tick the generals and troop types you have available then get a calculated best army build result? This would beat laboriously flipping backwards and forwards to map guides which invariably become less efficient when your troop capabilities change. Plus you would get a ton of traffic since this would be the only guide required for lazy, good for nothing, non blockers like me πŸ™‚

  107. @polymer hmm, by setting troops I guess you mean switching between normal and elite troops. I agree that is pretty sneaky. I’ll have a look to see if that can be easily fixed.

  108. @firefrog Thank you for you kind words.
    At this moment it is not my intention to add advertisements to the site. This might change if upkeep of the site gets more expensive, but even then I’d rather not.

    Creating a “Search for the best attack” is something that currently would take too much of my time. But the Waves… button shows you all the waves that other players have tried earlier and has several filters that can be used to find a suitable attack.
    Oh wait that is not what you mean.
    yes I see merit in having such a feature. I already have similar plans, but they were focused on offering more aid for guide creators. This might be the best first step in implementing such a feature. Thank you πŸ™‚
    (I still needs much time before I can offer something useful in this direction though)

  109. No, I mean I set the champion, I set the elite troops, hit the simulate , shows me I lose all troops but if I check carefull I see it somehow simulated with a regular general instead of a champion, have to change the general again and then it simulates properly

  110. If i want to test on home island 120 thugs , how to start simulation…soft insist on camp

  111. @polymer, hmm I can’t seem to reproduce that behavior in chrome (except when switching between normal and elite troops after selecting a general) I can’t imagine it being browser related, but just in case, which browser are you using?

  112. @Anonymous. You can find the Home island in the list of adventures, it is called Homezone.
    The simulator wants you to select a camp (building) to determine the amount of hitpoints the camp has and how long it would take to destruct it.

  113. WRONG ! Calculation :
    Black Knights : 100 Cavalry Deserter (CavD) + 100 Crossbowman Deserter (XBD)
    My force VARGUS + 16 Recruits + 1 Elite soldier + 163 Cavalry, (( 11k simulations ))
    Maximum losses should be : 16R

    At the battle, I lost: 16 Recruits + 1 Elite + 5 Cavalry

    Calculations are WRONG !

  114. Thanks to SnowBlizz I now know that the simulator needs the browser to allow 3rd party cookies from
    I should have realized, but didn’t.

  115. @Hor4cy That is very interesting information. I’ll look into it right away
    Sorry you had to lose those troops πŸ™

  116. @Hor4cy I found the issue and fixed it

    BUGFIX: The losses while using general Vargus now use different rounding of damage done, resulting in higher but more realistic losses. Already existing simulations with General Vargus will be recalculated (this might take a few hours)
    BUGFIX: General stays selected when switching between normal and elite troops

    The simulator had to be restarted twice, I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused

  117. While monitoring the logs I found an issue where the loss values or max generals could cause the Waves… feature to fail.

    BUGFIX: Manually changing maximum generals or loss value now cannot lead to a not working Waves… feature.

    You might need to force a reload using CTRL+F5 before the wave feature works again

  118. Doesn’t Nusala stop enemy units from attacking first? I am simulating against 100 SwM and 100 Hor, and the Hor attack before my units, I believe it shouldn’t be like this

  119. Nope
    Nusala’s skills are:
    – Attack weakest target
    – Splash damage
    – Gain flanking ( Allies: Bowman, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Marksman, Armoured Marksman )
    – Gain splash ( Allies: Bowman, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Marksman, Armoured Marksman )

  120. Just noticed the thing, floating point in the winchances at 11k simulations is incorrect, e.g. “Simulations: Won 10433 / 11000 (9485.00%)”

  121. @MaxAlister ty for noticing

    BUGFIX: Win chance now shows correct on new and 11k simulations (example 9485.00% now shows correctly 94.85%)

    (if you have been using the simulator before and after the update, the simulations loaded from you local storage might still show the old win chance)

  122. mistake on knowledge, camp labelled as C22 on my guide, in the sim the camp has 70clasher+70dunes+80stonecannons, on live servers the camp has 100stonecannon+100horseman

  123. @me Might the confusion be that you selected the generals via the simulator input expecting the waves button to respond to that?
    The waves… feature has it’s own settings where you can select which generals and troops you want to search for, and even allowing you to set a maximum to specific generals used in a combination

  124. @Evil_J Thanks, I indeed switched 2 camps there

    BUGFIX: Corrected camps on the adventure “Ali baba and the Treasure of Knowledge”

  125. Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server

    Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at Port 80

    Fex hun im getting that on chrome and incognito chrome when trying to load sim i will keep refreshing see if i can get it to work though πŸ™‚

  126. never mind πŸ™‚ snowy told me clean cache thingy and it fixed it so worked again πŸ™‚

  127. @lulu hmm that is not a cache thing, could be that the internal proxy on the server were updated. Keep me posted if it keeps happening

  128. Awesome sim. My new favorite. Thank you .

    Could it be possible to limit all but the last wave to certain gens (such as 200/MMA) as I am finding that it is putting Nusala or Anslem first? This is correct from a best attack position, but I do not want to be sacrificing a champion for the sake of some r or b.

    Also you seem to have all rounds taking 10 seconds. It is my understanding that this is not the case? Either way could it be possible to have a headline total time for all attacks?

    May your great work continue. :))

  129. i know i’m not fex but if you mean the suicide waves take 10 secs then that is right @ Esme as fast generals do take 10 seconds per round and tavern generals take 20 seconds per round as no need to take into account the extra rounds and camp fall time of final attacking general after the suicide generals you would need to add up all the attack timings if wanted full number of seconds per camp to fall, hope that’s a bit helpful

  130. @Esme
    – The tavern generals take 20 seconds per round, all other generals are fast take 10 seconds per round
    – I’ll have to think on how to change the settings interface to allow for searching for combinations not using certain generals except in the last wave. Or maybe rephrase that to allow a general to be defeated or not. I added it to my todo list
    – I added “headline total time” to my list of things to do
    @lulu thank you πŸ™‚

  131. While monitoring the logs, I noticed a problem with persisting waves that defeat more than 1000 troops on average

    BUGFIX: Waves that defeat more than 1000 enemies on average now show results and can be persisted (for instance 1200 shamans on El Chupacabra)
    BUGFIX: Local history button is now enabled directly after the first simulation (instead of needing 2 simulations)

  132. Is there any chance that when you choose waves that it doesn’t automatically load up the best attacks to start with.
    I would prefer it to load the page and let you choose which generals you have then click a button to load the best attacks(load waves).
    The reason for this is if you don’t own the general with the best attact then you have to reload the waves after you have told the sim which generals you own ie you need to load the waves twice before you get the results you want (and it can take a min or so to load the waves each time)

  133. there seems to be a bug with sending cavalry to ali baba adventures “quota exceeded error” happened on several camps in ali baba the young woodcutter if i sned mma +220 cavs

  134. Please choose a camp, building and/or units.
    You can use the … button to choose a camp using an adventure map.

    i did! why is the simulate greyed out?

  135. @Bugglesx “the best attack” might be different for everyone.
    You can personalize your favorite settings by selecting them first and then hit save settings ( ” ∞ ” button) It will use those settings the next time you use the settings on that pc/browser.

  136. @Anonymous The simulator it self never throws an error with the message quota exceeded. I’m very interested in a screenshot showing the error, to investigate where the message is coming from

  137. @Anonymous did you choose a camp from the map or enter you own values. In the latter case you probably didn’t choose the building (camp type). The simulator needs this information to give an indication of the time needed to destruct the camp

    In short The simulator needs to know what type of building the units are in (the search list showing “Choose a building”) and how many of which specific units are in there (the input boxes followed be an icon and the name of the unit type)

    The “Choose a camp” search list can be used as a preset to select a specific camp of a specific adventure. Using the … button behind is is probably a lot more user friendly.

  138. @Fenox, thanks for the advice.

    & Many, many, many thanks for a great SIM – I’ve waited a long time for a new SIM with best attacks

  139. @lulu I hate those camps that spawn later πŸ˜›
    @Bugglesx *blush* thank you πŸ˜€

    BUGFIX: updated camps on adventure “Valuable Intel”

  140. @Anonymous thank you for the report

    BUGFIX: Switched units of 2 camps on homezone in sector 6. 60 Guard Dog 120 Ranger < -> 60 Thug 120 Guard Dog

  141. Simulations: Won 2200 / 2200 (100.00%)
    Rounds: 2
    Destruction rounds: 1
    Allies killed:
    – Recruit: 71 – 84 (Ξ¦ 80.81091)
    – Bowman: 0 – 22 (Ξ¦ 1.09182)
    Enemies killed:
    – Roughneck: 113
    Total experience: 678

    Nus 84R 41B 40LB [71R – 81R 1B – 84R 22B] >>> 113Rou [113Rou]

    what the poop?

  142. It would be great if one can filter the results by selecting which units you don’t want any losses of and to say if a gen can be used in the first wave.

    For example I don’t want to lose Nusala in the first wave because I want to use her in subsequent attacks and also don’t want XB losses.

  143. @Anonymous what seems to be the problem?

    @Varknek, if you are not willing to loose XB set the loss value of XB twice as high, the sort order should then sort attacks that don’t lose XB above the others. Keep in mind that “waves…” only shows waves that have been tried by other players first, so the best result might not be in the results

    Preventing a general to be used in a suicide wave is not yet an option, but on my todo list

  144. Preventing a general to be used in a suicide wave is not yet an option, but on my todo list

    ADDED: When using waves… you can now choose if a general is:
    – available
    – available but should not die
    – not available

  145. I like very much arrows = automatic recalc of amount of unit up to max sum of units available by gen.

  146. in VLT, some results in “Waves” use elites troops, such as marked marksmen or armed marksmen. Is there a way to filter those out?

  147. @finniel, Unfortunately there are ways to produce these results. However you can filter your waves… results by clicking on the images in the “Units filter and loss value” settings. For now you will have to do this manually, but I’ll be adding some restrictions so elite units are always filtered when the adventure doesn’t allow them to be used

  148. BUGREPORT: When a general kills all enemy units loosing all attacking units and his/hers hp the battle is won anyway and this simulator (and all others) show that the battle is lost (try 1Bowman Nusala against 100 dogs). How come nobody noticed it?

  149. @Viridian, it has been a while since I actually seen the situation in game, but back then the camp would remain (without units) and the general would be defeated and had to recover, hence the battle is marked as lost. It might have changed, I’ll have to look into that.

    @Anonymous, The Initiative is shown seperately, the Mounted Bowman that can be found in Ali Baba adventure shows:
    Tooltip Mounted Bowman

  150. Re: Defeating camps with mutual kills. Yes it has changed. I found Nusala and 165 bowmen will defeat some camps but die in the process, yet leaves Nusala victorius afterwards. Done it on BLT (120 wolfs in S2 iirc), and gonna try a camp in SOLT (70WoP 30 Foxes) now for reals.

    Since no sim gives me odds of success it’s hard to say, but it will depend a lot on Nusala hitting for full dmg too.

  151. start thinking how to implement the general skills πŸ™‚
    only some of them influence combat, maybe a checkbox with a drop-down menu for to choose how many books invested in that skill? as in going 1 to 3 per skill

  152. @snowblizz ty. Currently the sim tells you that a battle is won if your general survives, meaning you can use it again in the next battle. It seems that in this specific case you can defeat the camp but your general can’t be used in the next battle. I’ll see if I can make an exception for the case where all units in a battle die, show it as a won battle but mark it so it is clear that (there is a chance) your general is defeated.

    @Evil_J I’m already thinking :P, I’ll try and explain in which direction my thoughts are going…
    I think I will add a feature that allows you to add/remove a ‘skilled general’ to the list of available generals. While adding you choose the specific general and select the skills. The image used for that general will make it clear which general it is and will show that it has skills. The tooltip will show you which skills it has. The list of available generals will be used when adding a wave or filtering the results of waves… These ‘skilled generals’ can be saved on your browser just like the waves… settings. Maybe I’ll even add a way to download/upload your settings so you can more easily start using another browser.

  153. any ETA? πŸ™‚
    ive a pretty good idea of how to skill my guys, but need some feedback to pick between unstoppable charge or battle frenzy

  154. I don’t have a definite ETA yet.

    I might publish a separate simulator soon ™ containing the general skills. That way it can be used while I’m still ironing out some interface issues.
    In that instance of the simulator I’ll also remove the skill “Bonus damage buildings” from Cannoneers, since that seems to have happened on tsotesting.
    The database will not be available for that instance of the simulator, meaning that you can’t search for waves nor will simulations be persisted

  155. I read somewhere in a guide that “splash damage skill allows to kill camp after mutual kills” (regarding MoD 1r attack against a trap) so that needs to be tested. This feature is also useful on two camps in VLT- 120 royal longbowmen (to make it 100% I do 1r any+1r any +165b Nus) and 150 royal bowmen+30 royal cav (there are some survivors sometimes) not great savings but much less trouble

  156. Can skill gen sim be totally another simulation, and not to take chance with this one?
    For newbe players easiest way to have one sim working for sure.

  157. Major General against swordmaster camp on the archipelago, with 270R shows average 16 kills, but he’s actually killing around 30 per wave.

  158. @Llewelyn, I see, thank you for reporting it.
    If I run it without using the database the results are correct. So this is probably an invalid entry. I’ve started a process that will recalculate all simulations in the database, but this will take a long time.
    After 10 hours it recalculated 50.362 of the total 1.076.379 persisted simulations (almost 5%) so it might take another 200 hours are so before all camps are done. (But since it is a low priority thread the actual time needed depends on how often the simulator is used)

  159. @Llewelyn, After recalculating the results were still 14-16 so I delved in deeper. Turns out I accidentally tested in the test simulator, which indeed doesn’t use the database, however it also had a bug (due to the implementation of generals skills) that allowed units without hitpoints to keep on attacking in the following rounds. The test simulator has been updated to remedy this situation

    let’s take the best case and worst case scenario (which are total unrealistic but define some boundaries)

    Best case: all Recruits hit and all SwordMasters miss
    Round 1: 1 Major,270 recruits <> 230 SwordMasters
    Major+Recruits do 120+(270*30)=8220 damage, so at most 8220/500= 16 SwordMasters die
    SwordMasters do 230*30=6900 damage, so at most 6900/40= 172 Recruits die
    Round 2: 1 Major,98 Recruits <> 214 SwordMasters
    Major+Recruits do 120+(98*30)=2940 damage, so at most 2940/500= 6 SwordMasters die
    SwordMasters do 214*30=6420 damage, so 6420/40= remaining recruits general die
    You lost the battle leaving 208 SwordMasters alive (killing 22)

    Worst case: all Recruits miss and all SwordMasters hit
    Round 1: 1 Major,270 recruits <> 230 SwordMasters
    Major+Recruits do 120+(270*15)=4170 damage, so at most 4170/500= 8 SwordMasters die
    SwordMasters do 230*50=11500 damage, so at most 11500/40= all Recruits and Generals die
    You lost the battle leaving 222 SwordMasters alive (killing 8)

    So theoretical you can kill 8 to 22 SwordMasters in this setup.
    Makes me wonder why you are seeing around 30 being killed in the game

  160. I have a camp coming up soon with 230 sword master, I will record the results properly for each wave and report πŸ™‚

  161. Thanks to an anonymous tip πŸ™‚

    BUGFIX: Updated camp positions on “Invasion of the Nords, The” (camp 11&12, EvilJ map for MMA&Major)

  162. When using the waves function and selecting two generals the simulator suggests using 2 of the new generals of the same type, with one as a sacrifice. For example using a vargus with 1 recruit and then a vargus as a second attack to finish off a camp. We are only allowed 1 of each of the new generals.
    Great simulator thanks for all your hard work. πŸ™‚


  163. @Wizardofpos true, but the simulator doesn’t know you are not willing to wait 2 hours before attacking again.
    There are a few options which you can use.
    1) In the wave settings you can tick the general once, which sets it to “not allowed to die”
    2) In the wave settings you can fill in 1 next to the General image (or beneath in the minimized view), setting the maximum amount of generals to be used in a wave

  164. In “all units” mode, selecting any units and armyes, button Simulate is anctive

  165. Hi Santa,

    I noticed an issue where selecting the building doesn’t update the button states, however if you select units on either camp or waves after you select a building, it works normally. I’ve put it on my todo list.

  166. Fex hun the break down in rounds seems to be broken as trying to work out a traitors block guide with tav gens only only no round timings showing for me πŸ™

  167. I see lulu, apparently I needed to upgrade the library I use to generate the charts. Thanks for the report

    BUGFIX: the breakdown in rounds chart couldn’t always be generated

  168. seems to be broken: Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server

  169. the simulator still broken?
    I get the same error message as the comment above

  170. I’ve no idea what went wrong, but seems to work again after a restart, enjoy!

  171. @lulu The simulator ran out of memory again. Still no idea what is causing this all of a sudden.

    Might be that the database requires maintenance, so doing so now

  172. Maintenance is still ongoing, and on top of that all simulations are recalculated due to changes below

    CHANGED: Besiegers now have bonus damage vs buildings
    CHANGED: Attack priority of some enemy troops changed

  173. @Anonymous unfortunately I couldn’t make enough time to get them implemented

  174. On average there are about 12 waves per camp setup (varying between 1 and 3000 waves)
    I estimate it will have recalculated all around May 20 8:00 PM GMT.

    Progress @May 19 7:15 AM GMT : 1450 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 19 10:45 AM GMT : 3000 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 19 7:38 PM GMT : 21428 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 20 7:49 AM GMT : 57843 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Progress @May 20 11:12 AM GMT : 72512 / 113,816 enemy camp setups.
    Finished @May 20 4:04 PM GMT

  175. Hello,

    Do you have an idea of the date you will implement the skills ? I have to work with another simulator ow, but i miss yours ^^
    Thanks for your excellent job

  176. Hi Happysissi, Always nice to know you like to use my simulator.

    The problem I have is that the javascript evolved quite a lot since I brought the simulator online. In hindsight I should have been more careful when adding features to the interface. Bottomline is I couldn’t garantuee implementing a skills interface that would work correctly. So I decided to redo the javascript behind the interface entirely and while working on that RL got busy.
    It is slowing down again, so I should be able to spend time to continue the rewrite and implement the skills, but can’t give you a date.

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