Combat Simulator Tutorial

Prepare the simulator
The simulator needs some information before it can start simulating. It needs the type of camp you want to attack and which units are defending it. The simulator uses the following drop downs to allow you to provide the information:

  • The first drop down allows you pick an adventure. After selecting the adventure the second and third drop down will be filled with options.
  • The second drop down shows all camps on the adventure. While you could use this to select an existing camp, it is probably easier if you use the button at the end. This button will open an image of the adventure map, allowing you the select a camp based on its location on the map.
  • The third drop down shows the available camp types. If you already selected an existing camp, this will already contain the correct camp type. If you rather put in the values manually you can skip the 2nd drop down and just select the correct type of camp. Don’t forget to input the defenders of the camp below
    The checkbox allows you to toggle between seeing all units on the adventure of that specific enemy type, or just those where more than one unit of that type is selected

NOTE: While I try to be as precise as possible, it is always recommended to double check the units in the camp

Now we have defined which camp we want to attack, we need to define the attacking waves.

  • The left column shows the units as icons. If you hover on of the icons you will see detailed information on the unit.
  • The second column shows the input for the first wave.
      * The red cross allows you to remove the entire wave
      * The image with the general allows you to choose the general to use
      * The input boxes below allow you to input the amount of troops you want to send
  • The third column shows a lonely button to add additional waves